All About Tumbled Tile All About Tumbled Tile

Tumbled tile is used to decorate counters, floors and walls. Tumbled tiles are created using a variety of different natural stones including marble and travertine. This product is produced by crushing the stone and other raw materials into small pieces and then moving them through a cement mixer. These tiles are available in many different sizes, colors and designs, making them a versatile product for home installation.

Sizing the Tiles

Tumbled tiles vary in size from a minimum of four inch to twelve inch squares. Larger tumbled tiles are more costly than smaller ones. When choosing tumble tiles, consider mixing varying sized ones and organizing them into a customized pattern.

Installing the Tiles

This product is relatively easy to install. Tumbled tiles are somewhat heavier than traditional tiles. Consider using a cement adhesive specially designed for heavier tiles when you install this type of tile. When grouting your tiles, be sure to fill the spaces between the tiles with the grout but not any natural cracks or indentations on the surface of the tile.

Pricing the Tiles

Before you order your tiles, be sure to compare prices and quality. There are tumbled tiles products available at varying prices. It is possible to find good quality tiles at a low cost.

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