All Aluminum Windows vs Aluminum Clad Windows All Aluminum Windows vs Aluminum Clad Windows

When choosing between window construction material types, such as all aluminum windows and aluminum clad windows, there are three general areas of consideration you will need to keep in mind: costs, colors, and efficiency.


Due to the added expense and effort of the cladding process, aluminum clad windows will generally cost a little more than all aluminum windows. However, this slight difference may be offset by the necessary use of extra sealants used to improve the thermal efficiency of all aluminum windows in order to match that of aluminum clad windows with less thermally conductive wood interiors.


Both all aluminum and aluminum clad window types can be ordered with a wide array of custom baked on finishes in just about any color you can imagine. However, make your final color choice wisely. Although aluminum can be painted if needed, it often requires a bit more surface preparation, effort, and specialized painting materials than when painting or refinishing a natural material surface such as wood.


Like most metals, aluminum conducts both heat and cold and is not a good thermal insulator. On the other hand, the wood interior of aluminum clad windows is a poor thermal conductor and serves as a better insulator. As a result, aluminum clad windows are more energy efficient and are less likely to allow the loss of cold and heat than all aluminum windows. Both types are prone to allow condensation between the glass panes.

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