All-in-One Paint and Primer: Is It Effective?

Knowing whether to use paint and primer combination products is a question that can only be answered on the basis of the kind of paint job the paint product will be used on. Furthermore, knowing whether to use the newer paint-primer combination also depends on the individual situation. The following information may help you decide whether or not to use a paint and primer combination

Primers Chosen to Match Applications

In order to decide whether a primer will meet your needs, you must first understand the primers and their applications. There are a variety of specialized primers that can be used for a variety of situations. For example, a “stain blocking” primer can be used to seal wall stains. There are primers that can be used to condition porous drywall, and there are primers used to cover old and cracking paint. As you can see, your choice of a primer will often depend on the purpose for which you will use it.

Primer vs. Paint

There are instances when a primer may be used alone instead of in combination with a paint. There are also instances where a single coat of paint will work without a primer if the paint is one of higher quality. No definitive arguments have been established for one use versus another.