All Weather Carpet Removal All Weather Carpet Removal

At some point you will have to deal with all-weather carpeting. If you have to remove it from concrete, sometimes pieces of glue-like residue and paint (if the concrete was painted) are left behind. You can remove this material and seal the concrete with a few tools.

You will need paint stripper and a brush, a scraper and some sandpaper. Follow all of the directions carefully on the paint stripper label. The glue and paint residue will have to be scraped and sanded after you have put the solvent on the concrete slab.

After all the glue and paint residue is removed, wash the area with a strong detergent solution. Next, etch the bare concrete with a solution of muriatic acid. Muriatic acid solutions are commercially available but remember to always follow the label directions carefully. Acid solutions must be flushed from concrete with copious amounts of water.

Your clean, properly prepared concrete may now be finished with a water-based concrete stain, or water-based or solvent-base clear concrete sealer.

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