Alternating Tread Staircase Design Ideas Alternating Tread Staircase Design Ideas

Alternating tread staircases are used in small spaces because they are some of the best ways to add square footage, short of using a ladder. An alternating stairs design though will allow you to climb down facing forward which is impossible to do with a ladder. It can also be incorporated with designs and features that will make it a lot neater.

Easier Access to a Loft

If you are planning to convert a loft or bedroom, you can use alternating stairs to gain entry. There is generally no room available on a house for the 42 degree pitch of a conventional staircase, so a steeper pitch is needed. But because the tread  and rise of an alternating staircase is the same as the normal stairs, you will be able to climb up and down your loft easily. You can use interlocking steel as support structure to make it more attractive.

Alternating Tread Staircase with Bookshelf

If you will observe the underside of an alternating stairs, you will notice that it is an ideal location for a bookcase. Make a square or rectangle on the underside of each stair with the stair rise and tread forming the top angle. You will be able to create a cubicle on each stair where you can store books and other small items in your house.

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