Alternative Ideas for Rustic Pot Racks

If you think adding rustic pot racks are the perfect way to add charm in a kitchen, you might consider making one for yourself. There are a variety of design ideas for this, but it may help to have a little inspiration. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Copper Twigs

A copper twig assembly looks great in a rustic themed kitchen because it has the class of the copper in conjunction with the natural look of twigs. This design is not hard to find, and your rack will essentially look like branches holding your pots above you. Some units have leaves, and others have a rim around them that the twigs spring from. You can look at different models to see what words for you.


Horses always fit well in a western theme, and you could very well showcase them in your pot rack. They could be the hooks that hold the pots up, or they could be cut out of the rim of the rack. Most brown colored metals work well in this design because they mimic the color of the horses themselves. The outline of these creatures in gallop could be just what you need in your kitchen.

Birds on Branches

A lot of rustic pot racks are now est themed, making them look like an assortment of branches with birds on top. If you have a nature theme flowing throughout the kitchen, this could be a great focal point for the room. With such an eye catching element, you might want to be sure to place the rack above an island or someplace that others will easily see it.

Wall Mounted Pictures

You can find wall mounted pot racks nowadays that have rustic homes or trees on top of them. They still sit flush with the wall, but they can become an art piece if you place them right. Consider the other art you have hanging around the room and try to incorporate a wall mounted rack that will complement those for optimum cohesion.

Lit Glass Backing

If you have a rustic metal pot rack, you could consider putting tinted glass behind the metal that could be illuminated for a  nice  glow. If you have a golden hue on the glass, the lights will make for a very calming feature in the kitchen. This will also help to accent whatever shape is cut out of the metal, like the horses or leaves mentioned above. If appropriate, you could also  used stained glass, but keep the colors along the natural theme.

Barbed Wire

You could also go for a barbed wire look without having the prickly parts to deal with. Rusted metal can be made to look like barbed wire, and it can go perfectly in a rustic theme. Usually these are square or rectangular, but there are some that are made to look like a random roll of the wire.