Alternative Uses for Ceramic Tile

It is customary to think of ceramic tile as only being usable when tiling floors, countertops or showers. However, ceramic tile–especially decorative types–has many uses that go far beyond practical home improvement. If you have an assortment of ceramic tiles on hand, but you think you have nowhere in which to use them, consider some of these alternative uses.

Ceramic Tile Alternative Uses

A good place to use ceramic tiles in an aesthetic sense is the garden. Either with mortar or freestanding, colorful and attractive ceramic tiles make lovely garden fixtures, whether they are used to line the borders of a garden or tile a flowerpot.

Ceramic tiles can be used as coasters in the home. Simply apply a few small circular pads on the bottom of each tile and you have a nice place to set beverages. Another creative use for ceramic tile is to decorate your recycling bin. Customize the bin and make it stand out from the others on the block by affixing ceramic tiles to it.

There are numerous uses for ceramic tile other than tiling various locations in your home. Be creative and you will undoubtedly discover unique ways to use ceramic tile that will conform to your sense of style.