Alternative Uses for PVC Fittings

PVC may be most commonly found in the home’s plumbing system, but there are a number of different ways you can take advantage of this strong, versatile and resilient tubing.

It’s true; PVC is like an adult version of K’Nex. You can combine different lengths and fittings to create some truly unique and functional works of art. Here are a few suggestions.

The PVC Bird Feeder

This ingenious bird feeder only requires four pieces of PVC – two threaded cleanouts, one PVC “Y” and a length of PVC pipe. Attach the “Y” to the length of PVC and attach one cleanout to the bottom art of the “Y.” Fill the feeder with bird seed and attach the other cleanout to the top of the pipe. The birds will then be able to perch on the open end of the “Y” and enjoy the food from within.

PVC Musical Instruments

The world-famous Blue Man Group was one of the first groups of musicians to use PVC fittings and tubes in their act. Now, take a look online and you can find thousands of users who have created their own variations of musical instruments made out of the material. Flutes, drums and whistles are just the tip of the iceberg. Some crafty individuals have even created PVC trumpets and trombones.

PVC Furniture

PVC furniture has long been one of the most popular uses of PVC outside of the plumbing trade. Chairs, tables and bookshelves are easily crafted using this versatile medium. Whether used outside on the deck or in a college dorm room, PVC furniture is durable and makes a great conversation piece.

Using PVC fittings in the creation of art, music and furniture is as easy as using your imagination and simply attaching one piece to another. Visit your local hardware store, open your mind and allow your creativity to flow!

Dave Donovan is a freelance copywriter living in Atco, N.J. An electrician for 15 years, an injury forced him to pursue his true passion - writing.