Alternatives to a Drywall Garage Ceiling

Garage ceilings are no longer places to catch cold and drafts in the house. They are becoming useful components to any home. Garage ceilings are fantastic places to store materials. Drywall is not your only option when it comes to covering up and insulating a garage ceiling. Below are a couple additional options for you to look at.

Drop Ceiling Tiles

Instead of using drywall on your garage ceiling, try out ceiling tiles. Ceiling tiles can be installed in a grid like fashion. They are easy to install and are lightweight. Ceiling tiles are also easy to cut into smaller pieces and shapes than drywall. There are ceiling tiles available on the market made specifically for garage ceilings. They come in different colors and finishes.

Plywood Sheathing

If you are not going to keep flammable and other liquid chemicals stored in the garage, then you can consider adding plywood as an alternative to a drywall ceiling.

A Foam Ceiling

If you do not particularly care about what your garage ceiling looks like, consider adding a foam ceiling. The foam acts as an extra barrier and insulator for the rest of the home.