Alternatives to a Full-View Storm Door

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There are many alternatives to a full-view storm door that can assist in energy efficiency and improve the view. These doors are installed over the outside of your standard front or back door to add protection from the weather or allow airflow to the home from using screened versions in warm months. The storm door is the first thing guests will see when approaching your home, and you can find doors that will add design or color to your entryway.

Wooden Storm Doors

If you replace your full-view storm door with another type of wooden storm doors, such as a security door or even a self-storing door, you will be faced with some negative effects over time. Wooden doors are more susceptible to bugs and temperature changes that can cause the wood to swell, shrink, stain or split. Nonetheless, you will find that a wooden door can better maintain the overall look of your home if its outdoor design incorporates wood texture and color. It can easily be painted or stained to match the exterior.

Metal Storm Doors

The metal-type doors generally have more adaptability than your standard full-view storm door, as they can have bars added for security or even be made in a way that they are considered self-storing doors. Metal doors obviously stand better against the weather and the tests of time from being exposed to the elements than wooden doors, as the material is not as sensitive to temperature changes. Metal doors can be purchased in many different styles and colors at nearly every local hardware store or home service center for competitive prices.

Self Storing Doors

In relation to a full view storm door, self-storing storm doors generally have embedded sliding glass windows that can be opened and closed, and stay in the storm door all year round. In the warmer months, the doors, window or sash can be opened to allow airflow through a screen to help keep pests out of your home. These can have screens in them in the warm months, where the entire window is replaced with a screen, or by simply opening the window in the door to reveal the screen, as in any other window in your home.

Security Storm Doors

These are very much like a full view storm door except they are protected on the outside by bars for added security. These bared windows can also be found with interchangeable windows or screens for protection from the weather or allow air to flow freely in and out of your home while maintaining the security of your entrance. Security-type doors can involve bars or grates that have characters, such as metal leaf work or other fancy designs that cannot be done as easily into a wood frame. These types of doors generally have a more solid core to their frame to prevent tampering or intrusion and have an added locking mechanism to keep it sealed securely when it's closed.