Alternatives to a Greenhouse Misting System Alternatives to a Greenhouse Misting System

As a nursery for seedlings, moisture in your greenhouse is vital and makes a greenhouse misting system necessary to create and retain the proper amount of humidity.

The Wet Floor Method

Depending on your greenhouse requirements, you may not need to purchase an expensive or complicated greenhouse misting system. Particularly if your greenhouse is small, one alternative is to spray down the floor of the greenhouse and keep it wet during the daylight hours. Though you will need to wet down the floor several times during the day, this method gives you control over your water usage.

Garden Soaker Hose

Another alternative is to use a garden soaker hose for greenhouse irrigation. Place the soaker hose on the floor of the greenhouse and, like the above method, turn it on and off throughout the day to control your water usage. This method also works if you’re using a plastic-covered shelf greenhouse. Run the garden soaker hose up the sides and top of the shelf to irrigate the plants on each shelf.

There are alternatives to installing a greenhouse misting system to create humidity in your greenhouse. A combination of proper humidity, temperature and ventilation are necessary for a healthy greenhouse environment.


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