Alternatives to a Timber Frame Garage

A timber frame garage is a popular and effective car cover. However, if for some reason you can not use standard timber, consider the following alternatives for your garage.


A number of different metals can prove useful to build a garage in place of a timber frame garage. Aluminum can be used to produce a light frame that is beneficial for some car ports. Steel is another type of metal that can be used to form a frame for a garage.    


A number of different types of stone can be used to make a frame for a garage structure. Bricks can be used to build a structure to rival a timber frame garage, making it easy to build a garage to a specified design without a significant amount of preparation.  


Concrete blocks can be obtained and used to build a garage that will offer the same benefits as a timber frame garage. The blocks can be cut to the required size once the design has been drawn up. This will form a solid frame for a structure suitable for storing a car, as well as a range of other items.