Alternatives to Basement Recessed Lighting

If you are adding lighting to your basement room, you may want to explore alternatives to basement recessed lighting. Recessed lighting offers the advantage of being invisible to the eye, except for the illumination it provides; however, this sleek, modern look may not be everyone's idea of an ambient decor. Read this article to learn about other types of lighting options.

Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fixtures are the first choice. There is a huge variety in type, price, and style. A ceiling fixture exists for every type of taste, whether it be country, modern, or Victorian, or any other style. Browse your local home improvement store for ideas. If you have a bar, you can use hanging lights over a bar area to highlight the bar and back-lighting behind the bar to create an authentic look.

Multi-Panel Stained Glass

Try multi-paned stained glass over a card playing area or pool table if your basement room is primarily used for recreation and social gathering.

Traditional Table and Floor Lamps

If the room is used to relax or watch television, you may want traditional table lamps or floor lamps so that you can have lighting directly where you need it.

True Color Lighting

If your basement room contains a craft area, you will want lighting that reflects true color such as the popular Ott Light, which is sold in many craft and sewing stores.