Alternatives to Concrete Waterproofing

When contemplating concrete waterproofing it is equally as important to consider the alternative to simply waterproofing. There are several different things that a person can use as an alternative to concrete waterproofing. Some of these examples are penetrating sealers, crystalline additives and slurries, and sealer additives. Deciding which waterproofing alternative is right is unique to each person.

One type of concrete waterproofing alternative is a penetrating sealer. What type of sealer you need depends on how waterproof you want the concrete. These types of penetrating sealer provide great protection against weather and other conditions of the outdoors. Newer types of sealers are also repellant to surface stains. A penetrating sealer is a great choice when trying to seal the concrete around a swimming pool.

Crystalline additives are another choice when shopping around for concrete waterproofing alternatives. The crystalline additive allows crystals to be mixed into the concrete solution, filling the pores and adding a great amount of protection to the concrete. The crystals work with the concrete to seal any cracks that water might seep into.

Lastly, there are sealer additives. Sealer additive are very unique, they add a new chemical reaction within the concrete that work to make the concrete both waterproof as well as stronger against the elements.