Alternatives to Conventional Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertops come in an endless array or colors, types and prices. There are many alternatives to the conventional bathroom countertop, which is normally a plastic or Formica laminate.

Alternative 1- Natural Stones

Natural stone has made a huge comeback in decorating circles when used as countertops. The issues with using natural stone finishes in a bathroom are the same qualities that make natural stone appealing. The natural colors, porous finish and tendency to have a grainy surface that collects dirt and mildew and weak spots are a few of the major problems with natural stones such as marble, slate and quartz. Therefore, you should use these materials sparingly and mindfully.

Alternative 2-Engineered Stone

Engineered stone will give the same look as natural stone without all the problems associated with it. Most are bonded to other more durable materials and have surfaces that are extremely tolerant of chemicals and harsh treatment. Both natural and engineered stone can be expensive.

Alternative 3- Concrete

Concrete usually dries and mellow to light gray and into rust colors, depending upon the mixture. It is extremely durable and doesn't present the problems of natural stone. Pricing is lower than natural stone or engineered stones.

Alternative 4-Ceramic or Glass

Ceramic tiles come in various sizes and colors and are an affordable alternative to laminate. Glass tiles are a bit more expensive but give a lot of decorating bang for your dollar.