Alternatives to Overhead Garage Doors

If you are not thrilled about the idea of having overhead garage doors in your home or business, you do have some other options to consider. While overhead garage doors are the most common type of door, they are not the only kind on the market. Here are a few alternatives to overhead garage doors.

Swing Garage Doors

You can purchase a swing garage door for your home or business. This type of door is also sometimes referred to as a carriage garage door. This garage door opens like a swinging door. It has hinges on the front edge of the garage on the side. When you open the garage, it swings outward towards the car. With this type of door, you need to make sure that you park far enough away from the door when you are opening it.

Sliding Garage Doors

Another option that you might take a look at is the sliding garage door. This door operates in the same way that a sliding door in the house does. There is a track on both sides of the garage door. When you push the button or open it manually, the door will slide down the track. This is often broke into two pieces that slide in opposite directions.