Alternatives to Privacy Fences

Not only will building a privacy fence help keep people from looking into your lawn, it will also keep you from looking out. If the fence is made out of wood, you may feel a little trapped, or you may not enjoy looking at it. Consider other options for fencing, while protecting your privacy.

A Fence of Plantlife

One beautiful way to give yourself privacy and surround yourself in nature is to plant fast-growing trees that will stay low to the ground and blend well together. Junipers and laurels work wonderfully for this, depending on your environment.

You can also plant shrubs around your yard to make a forest-like barrier between you and your neighbor’s property.

Vine-covered Structures

If you like the idea of plant-life but would like a solid structure to serve as a barrier, consider building a trellis and planting vines around it, allowing them to climb and cover the structure. This can be a beautiful way of decorating your yard and making sure that you keep your privacy.

You can also use climbing rose plants or other climbing plants as well, if you would like a more flowery look.

Though your privacy is important to you, you also want to enjoy the look of your yard, and you may accomplish this by finding alternates to a large plain fence.