Alternatives to Using Polyurethane Foam

Although it may take some time, you will find that there are several alternatives to using polyurethane foam.  Perhaps one of the most important things to remember about polyurethane foam is that it is expansive, as it grows and fills more space than when you initially place it.  It is important to always use a small amount, allowing you to have some sort of idea as to how much it is going to expand.  


Another aspect of choosing whether or not polyurethane foam is the right foam to use is the cost.  Also, many people have allergic reactions to the foam.  XPS is one of these types of foams.  The foam itself is made up of a number of closed cells, which improves the surface roughness and has a higher stiffness.  This type of foam is often used in crafts and building models, as well as in corrugated cardboard.

Polystyrene is another of the foams that is available.  This is actually made by the chemical industry and is perhaps the most used kind of plastic. This type of plastic can create plastic silverware, plastic models and the casings for smoke detectors.