Alternatives to Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

As far as design is concerned, vertical blinds for sliding glass doors, don't always offer the visual appeal you are looking for. Here are a few simple solutions to dress up your slider.

Fabric Curtains

There is so much variety if you choose to go this route for your slider covering. This is also a very affordable option, oftentimes cheaper than vertical blinds. They come in all different colors and patterns to complement any room decor. If you are having a hard time finding one, check a fabric store. Curtains are a good beginners sewing project. Hang a curtain rod at the desired length. Make sure to measure how long the curtain is. You don't want to end up with it too high or dragging too low. The curtain should just touch the floor. Consider finding a curtain that is the length of the wall. It will elongate the slider for a more elegant look. If you are concerned about the curtain not keeping enough light out, you can line it with black-out cloth or double layer the fabric.

Custom Options

If money isn't an issue, there are several custom options you could go with. They make plantation shutters that open like an accordion for sliders. You can also go with shades. You can visit your local hardware store for pricing and measurements.