Alternatives to Wood Wainscoting

Wood wainscoting is very commonly used to cover the bottom portion of walls inside homes. Even though wood is the most popular type of material, you can find several different alternative materials out there to use. Here are some alternatives to wood wainscoting.


One of the most common alternatives to wood wainscoting is PVC. Using PVC plastic can provide you with an inexpensive alternative that is also very durable. It can withstand scratches and dents better than real wood. You should be able to get it in a variety of colors and finishes to match your decor.


Another common alternatives to wood wainscoting is metal. There are many different types of metal wainscoting that you can get and they will each add a unique element to the room. This is a very contemporary style and it looks very clean and sleek. Metal is also going to be very durable and easy for you to clean over the years. The downside to this type of wainscoting is that it is typically going to be more expensive than wood or PVC.


You might also consider purchasing ceramic or porcelain tile for your wainscoting. This allows you to create a customized look on your wall. This is typically going to be an expensive option as well.