Aluminum Cookware Sets

Affordable, highly durable and extremely lightweight, aluminum cookware sets come in numerous multi-piece packages at a range of prices. Sets include the Berndes Tradition 10-piece set, the JC Penny Home 14-piece set and the Kenmore 12-piece set, among many others. Enjoying widespread use because of their price and attractiveness, aluminum cookware also provides a non-stick interior surface, so food doesn't get caked to the bottom of the pan. Cleanup is easy too. One additional benefit of aluminum is that it is usually dishwasher safe, unlike materials such as copper or enamel.


Depending on the brand and overall quality, aluminum cookware may feature transparent, tempered glass lids for quick monitoring of the contents. Riveted or cast-in handles are standard, with some featuring heat-safe silicone covers to prevent burns. Aluminum cookware is resistant to warping, and its cast construction is far superior to stamped cookware. Select aluminum cookware sets feature decorative wooden handles for a different aesthetic.

Featured Pieces

Multi-piece cookware sets typically include dual skillets, saucepans and a single saute pan and stockpot. More comprehensive sets may feature a chef's pan as well, while all lids are included. Skillet sizes range from 8 to 11 inches, and the capacity of the pans varies with its purpose. Saucepans are commonly 1- to 2-quart models, while saute pans have a capacity of 3 or 4 quarts.