Aluminum Fascia Installation: 4 Tips

Aluminum fascia installation is a simple job that requires a few tools and a little motivation. Here are four quick tips to make this easy process even easier.

Tip #1 - When Using Aluminum Fascia Use Aluminum Nails

If installing fascia made out of aluminum, be sure to use nails that are also made out of aluminum. The reasoning behind this is simple, if the fascia and the nails are made out of two different metals, like aluminum and steel, electrolysis (also known as galvanic action) will occur. In short the properties of the two metals will react with one another and begin to corrode, weakening the bond and leaving blemishes on the surface.

Tip #2 - Nailing Fascia

Some people think that aluminum fascia should be nailed from below, so that the nails go up through the soffits. While installation can be done this way, it is easier to face nail the fascia. Pound ring shank nails in a couple inches down from the top of the fascia where the nails will be hidden by the drip edge.

Tip #3 - Leave Some Flex in the Fascia

Only put a nail in the fascia every 3 to 4 feet. Nailing any closer together than this may secure the fascia to tightly to the house leaving it inflexible. Since metal will expand and contract along with the temperature around it, the fascia will need to be able to flex a little in order to keep it from breaking when the seasons change.

Tip #4 - Bending Fascia

One tool that makes bending fascia easy is called a brake. A brake will bend metal uniformly and make it look professionally done. Brakes, however, can be very expensive and there are other means of bending fascia that will achieve the same results. By simply using a combination square, fascia can bent by hand. First score the bottom side of the facscia, where the bend is intended to be, with a razor blade. Make sure the cut isn’t so deep that the fascia will break when it is folded. Then, wrap a cloth around the square to keep from scratching the paint on the fascia, and bend the aluminum over the square.