Aluminum Fascia Replacement: 3 Tips

If your home is older, chances are you'll someday need to undertake a fascia replacement. A home owner who doesn't mind working in high places, such as a roof edge, can handle this type of project—providing he has the right tools and working tips.

Tip 1 – Save Future Maintenance Time and Costs

As you replace your home's fascia, you can avoid having to paint your roof edges in the future by wrapping the fascia with aluminum trim that has been refinished. This will prevent peeling and rot that could otherwise be a maintenance problem.

Tip 2 – Save Installation Costs

Instead of hiring a roofing contractor to replace your home's fascia; use a volunteer, such as a family member or a teenage boy who would like to earn a few dollars. He doesn't need to be skilled in roofing work. Just have him hand you needed materials when you're on your ladder.

Tip 3 - Measure before Buying

Save yourself a trip to the home improvement center where you buy your new fascia. Before buying, measure the width of the old fascia and buy the same width. To estimate the quantity of fascia sections you'll need; measure the old fascia length, then, divide this figure by 12 and add five percent to allow for mistakes and do-over’s. This will be the quantity of sections you'll need to buy.