Aluminum Gutter Guard Installation Tips Aluminum Gutter Guard Installation Tips

With an aluminum gutter guard, you need to stay aware of a few things to be sure it works well for you. An aluminum gutter guard will really earn its keep in the fall, helping to keep fallen leaves from clogging your gutters and eventually your downspouts.


When installing an aluminum gutter guard, make sure it fits properly on both sides of the gutter and check periodically to see that it hasn’t sprung out. If your guard isn’t long enough for the whole gutter, overlap the next one by 4 inches to 6 inches for proper coverage. Be certain that the guard extends to both ends of the gutter and tuck down so leaves can’t enter at the end.

How Much To Cover?

You should install an aluminum gutter guard on all sides of the house to be safe wherever you have a gutter. You might not think you get many leaves on one side of your house but for the small expense involved, an aluminum gutter guard can save you some messy work. The installation time is very quick, making it an investment over many years rather than just a chore. Sweep off the gutter guards every year so they stay effective.

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