Aluminum Gutter Installation: How to Connect Corners

Copper gutter installation is a bit more complicated than installing aluminum gutters. Note that copper material can be quite heavy so if you are working alone, hoisting heavy materials may become quite tiring. If you do not want to work with copper materials, you might want to work with other materials. Aluminum is not only light, it is also easy to cut and connect into your gutter system. To connect the corners of your aluminum gutter, here is what you should do.

Cut the Aluminum Gutter

You need to cut your aluminum material at a 45-degree angle at the corner. You may choose to use an inside or an outside angle when cutting your gutter materials. Just make sure that the ends of the gutter fit perfectly against each other at the corner.

Install Corner Joints

To secure the corners of your gutter, you need to use miter slip joints, then seal the joints using silicone or waterproof heavy duty adhesive. Use a putty knife to apply the silicone or the adhesive and do not let these substances get in contact with your skin to avoid problems. After applying the adhesive or silicone, press the ends of the joints tightly to allow the silicone or the heavy duty adhesive to bond tightly.