Aluminum Ramp vs Wooden Ramp Aluminum Ramp vs Wooden Ramp

When choosing between an aluminum ramp or a wooden ramp, there are several things you should take into consideration. Both types of ramps are good options for different purposes.

Aluminum Ramps

An aluminum ramp is great for most applications. The aluminum will be weather resistant, easy to break down and move, and will cost less than wood to purchase and install. For the average home owner, or business owner with moderate traffic, the aluminum ramp will usually be a better option. The disadvantages to the aluminum material is that it won't withstand very heavy usage and can become slick very easily in rain or snow. If just a few people are going to be using the ramp, then the usage won't be a problem. You can solve the problem of moisture by applying a coat of traction paint, strips, or other products to keep the ramp safe.

Wooden Ramps

A wooden ramp may be ideal for large businesses and retailers. Since they are considered permanent structures, a homeowner may want to shy away from this type of ramp. Wood can also be more expensive to use for a ramp than other materials depending on the size. Wood also needs special care each season to keep it from rotting, becoming unsteady, and to keep it looking great. Wood will be better in wet weather, but will still need to have traction applied to meet ADA specifications.


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