Aluminum Roof Insulation Options

If you want to install an insulated aluminum roof, you have a few different options. Most of these insulated systems are created to be installed before you shingle your roof, giving your home a little more protection from the elements.

White Aluminum System

White aluminum is arguably the best type of rooging, as it has interlocking panels that will stay together better without damage, allowing for temperature changes. These are very easy to install, and many having snap locks that allow for simplicity. This material is very durable and will protect your home from all the elements.

Laminated System

Also made from interlocking panels, the laminated system does not necessarily need shingles placed on top of it. It is effective at insulating your home and comes in a variety of options to meet your needs.

Insulate-R System

This system has the best results for insulating your home from heat, cold or even sound. It is weather resistant overlay and is very cost-effective. 

Reflective Systems

Reflective systems often have polyethylene, cardboard or a plastic film backing. Though they work fine as an insulator to keep in the temperature you want, it is especially effective in warm and sunny environments. Another name for this system when installed is “radiant barrier.”

When considering installing an insulated aluminum roof, you should take your environment into consideration, and purchase the best option for it.