Aluminum Roof Paint: Best Options to Consider

Having an aluminum roof is becoming more and more popular. While they are more expensive than steel, these roofs don’t rust as easily as steel and have a longer life. They are also light and easy to install. For protection and aesthetics, an aluminum roof will need to be painted.

Base and Primer

Any paint you use on an aluminum roof needs to be made specifically for aluminum. The wrong kind of paint could produce disastrous results. Aluminum roof paint should be oil-based. There are some acrylic base primers and paint that will work on chalky aluminum. However, this paint must specify that it can be used on aluminum. The roof must be thoroughly cleaned before any primer is added. Most aluminum paints need to be put on in several layers (the primer and then several layers of paint).


Aluminum paint comes in many colors. Colors can be customized to match your house. Choose the color that is best for you. If you like, you can add pigment to a primer to make it match the final paint color.


When you buy aluminum paint, consider buying a “cool” coating. This coating increases the reflectivity of your roof, making it cooler inside. Without the cool coating, your roof will gather heat from the sun and make the inside of your house feel like a sweatbox. If you have central air conditioning, you may not feel the difference until you get your electric bill. Heat Barrier paint is also available. For the most part it performs in the same way “cool” coating does, but it does not give off any heat.

Some paints have sand granules mixed in. These paints are used on aluminum shingles to make the roof look more traditional. Another option to consider when buying paint is its resistance to mold and mildew. Mold can cause a roof to look old and unattractive. It is also a very potent allergen that needs to be avoided.

New Roof

If you are installing a new roof rather than repainting an old one, consider buying a roof that has already been treated. This will save you time and energy trying to find the right paint for your roof. It will also save you from having to repaint a freshly installed roof. Many companies offer custom colors in addition to standard colors.

With so many considerations, finding the correct paint can be confusing. Once you know what you want, go to the nearest hardware store and see what they have to offer. Do not buy sub-par materials. You want the paint to last as long as possible. If your aluminum is old, you may need to buy an acid etch to help your primer stick to the surface of your roof. Again, this etch must be compatible with your roof and with any paint you wish to use.