Aluminum Sliding Window Maintenance

Aluminum sliding window maintenance is necessary on a regular basis to keep your aluminum windows in good condition. For older houses with aluminum windows that are quite a few years old, you will need to be more vigilant with regard to regular checks.


Aluminum sliding windows can become hard to move. Make regular visual checks of the condition of the outer runners. Getting small bits of grit in the runners will wear them down eventually, so every couple of months clear the leaves and debris from the window runners.

While aluminum does not rust it will still deteriorate over time. The joins in the corners of the windows can become fragile and break away from each other. Regular checks of each join will ensure that you catch any potential problems before they become impossible to fix.


To help your aluminum windows last longer take care of the outer frames and the runners and wash them with warm soapy water. Also, it is worth pointing out that by lightly greasing the bottoms of the runners you will continue to experience smooth movement in the behavior of the sliding windows. If you have recently had new aluminum windows installed, they will just need washing every so often. Most newer brands of aluminum have used maintenance free production techniques. However, still conducting checks will prevent issues arising.