Aluminum Stairs for the Modern Look Aluminum Stairs for the Modern Look

Aluminum stairs are fantastic statements to place in a home for a modern alternative to wood. New style warehouse conversions with open plan living lend themselves perfectly to the brick, wood and steel mix that offers the contemporary look. If you are considering a home remodel and the idea of aluminum stairs has been thought of you then need to decide how best to fit them to suit the home.

Spiral Style Stairs

If space is an issue, spiral stair cases are functional and space effective. They can be fitted into tight corners or left out in the open as a focal point. Having the silvery coating that aluminum offers is also bright and reflective. If the home you live in is indeed a warehouse conversion it will likely have huge windows, as is the style for the old factory and warehouse-style buildings. The metal of the stairs will add plenty of character to the modernity of the décor.

Straight Stairs

Straight stairs are also an option for conversion homes, but also for smaller homes. If your home already has a straight stair case there is no reason why you cannot replace with an aluminum counterpart. There is even the option for partial wood and aluminum within the same staircase, so think about all options before deciding.

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