Aluminum vs. Vinyl Siding: Which is Easier to Maintain? Aluminum vs. Vinyl Siding: Which is Easier to Maintain?

When it comes to deciding if aluminum vs. vinyl siding is easier to maintain, most experts will tell you that vinyl siding offers lower maintenance. Vinyl is an easy-care product and provides many benefits to the consumer. While aluminum siding does not require a lot of maintenance, vinyl is chosen more often than aluminum for reasons of looks and convenience.

Aluminum Siding Dents Easily

One of the reasons consumers choose vinyl over aluminum is because of aluminum's tendency to dent. Although the siding is less difficult to install than vinyl, it will easily dent if, say, it is hit fairly hard with a mower. Vinyl is much more durable than aluminum with respect to standing up to any kind of impact. 

Vinyl can Blister in Hot Weather

While aluminum is prone to dents, vinyl siding can blister in hot weather. However, this situation can easily be remedied if you install vents in the siding, thereby improving air circulation.

Both Aluminum and Vinyl are Simple to Clean

When it comes to cleaning, you really will not have too much difficulty completing the task, whether your siding is vinyl or aluminum. Nevertheless, many people believe aluminum is a little easier to clean. Vinyl can have grooves in it that, if not washed correctly, can show, for example, set-in grass stains. To wash either type of siding then, it's best to use a soft brush with a long handle, like those used on boats or cars. Begin at the bottom and work your way up. Then rinse the siding with a hose from one side to the other, working from the top of the house to the base. Try not to direct the nozzle of your hose up as doing so may cause water to seep behind the siding, which can result in damage to the framework of your house.

Aluminum Must be Painted to Maintain its Looks

Both aluminum and vinyl come in a variety of colors. However, aluminum can be affected by the elements and may need to be repainted after several years. If the siding is scratched, the aluminum will show and touch-ups will be required. To make sure your aluminum siding doesn't possess a weathered look, you'll need to spray paint it every now and then to maintain its appearance.

Vinyl Panels are Easier to Replace

Although there is usually more reason to replace aluminum panels because of dents or scratches, both types of siding, at times, need to be replaced. Vinyl siding can crack or become broken. However, panels can be quickly removed with a siding removal tool and a hammer or pliers for pulling out nails. In many cases, it's best, when you side a house, to buy some extra panels for replacement purposes. If the siding becomes discontinued, it can be a hassle to find a replacement piece. In the case of aluminum, you can often remove a panel and push out any dents. Or, you can usually replace the damaged area with a short piece of aluminum siding. While vinyl is normally easier to replace, it can be more difficult to locate a replacement panel if you have none on hand.

The type of siding you choose is really a matter of personal preference. With regards to maintenance, though, vinyl is usually considered the preferred selection.


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