Aluminum Window Awnings vs Vinyl Window Awnings Aluminum Window Awnings vs Vinyl Window Awnings

Vinyl and aluminum window awnings are both great additions to your windows. However, they have characteristics that make them very different from each other. Vinyl window awnings are made from plastics that belong in the vinyl resin group, while aluminum window awnings are made from malleable metals.  Both materials are excellent choices for window awnings, but there are distinctions to keep in mind when choosing which type to get.

Aluminum Window Awnings


Aluminum window awnings have the major advantage of being durable because of the materials used in making them. This type of window awning usually comes pre-colored with a wide variety of shades to choose from. As such, they may easily match the exterior of your home as well as the existing design of your windows.


Aluminum is ductile, therefore, an aluminum window awning absorbs heat or cold quickly. Regular maintenance is needed for this type of awning to prevent rust.

Vinyl Window Awnings


Vinyl window awnings are guaranteed to be rust-free. Their color is commonly fused with the material and will not need maintenance for a long time.


Window awnings made of vinyl tend to be more costly than aluminum window awnings. Moreover, they may have shorter shelf life compared to their aluminum counterparts. 

Window awnings can help ensure the longevity of appliances inside your home. They offer protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Choosing the right awning for your window can spell a big difference on the overall appearance of your home as well as on your budget. 

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