Aluminum Siding Clean-Up Aluminum Siding Clean-Up

Aluminum Siding Clean-Up There is a solution if the aluminum siding on your home is looking dingy. Usually there's a chalk and mildew residue growing on the substrate of any "aged" siding. To remove these, use a Prep line vinyl siding wash (or equivalent).

Killing mildew involves the use of bleach, so make sure when you're washing the siding, you use proper safety equipment. A few items you should have are gloves, boots, safety glasses/goggles, and wear old clothes in case bleach comes in contact with them.

Note: Any "sensitive" items, such as prize-winning flowers, etched glass and metals should be protected from direct prolonged contact with bleach.

Removing chalk, especially in severe cases (as well as removing severe cases of mildew), will involve some elbow grease. The use of a scrub brush along with the siding wash or non-ammoniated soap will work well. Typically, the use of a long handled brush makes this easier on the side of a house. A power washer will also work, but typically it's one that is best left to the professionals. Incorrect use may leave you with water forced behind the siding (and into the insulation, drywall, etc), or "textured" wood trim.

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