Amazing Patio Ideas Amazing Patio Ideas

When considering what to do with your outdoor space there are so many different patio ideas that it can be overwhelming.

Would Anyone Like a Drink?

If you do a lot of entertaining, why not add a bar to your outdoor living space? This is one of the more functional patio ideas, as it serves not only as a focal point for your patio, but it also serves a function. You can recreate the traditional look of an indoor bar, or you can go for something more exotic by decking your space out with a tiki bar. Either way, guests will get a kick out of being able to get a refreshing drink without heading indoors.

Pull Up a Chair

Gone are the days of simply setting a table and some patio chairs out on your deck. Now there is a large selection of arm chairs, loveseats and couches made especially for outdoor use. Why not create a reading area on your patio? Place a big, comfortable chair or loveseat in the shade with a wicker side table to enjoy some outside reading. Add some solar lighting and citronella candles for after dark enjoyment of your reading space.

Fragrant Choices

For a more natural look, add some flowers and herbs to your patio. By placing planters filled with fragrant flowers or planting a border of herbs, you can make sure that you aren’t forgetting that you are outdoors. If you live in an urban area, this is a great way to bring some of the wild into your world. And planting herbs around your patio means that you’ll always have savory spices on hand. 

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