An Easy Baby Blanket Knit

What You'll Need
10.5 24 inch circular knitting needles
Category 5 yarn - 100% polyester or polyester blend
Blunt large eye needle or crochet hook

If you are a beginner knitter, here is an easy baby blanket knit that you can try your hand at. Select a color and yarn that you like and begin knitting this easy baby blanket project. Knitting is great hobby to alleviate stress and allows you to create some beautiful handmade items that can either be given as gifts or used yourself. The project uses a bulky yarn and doesn't use any fancy techniques; a beginning knitting ability is all that is required.

Step 1 - Select Yarn

The first step of any knitting project is to select appropriate yarn specific to the project. For this easy baby blanket you will want to pick a machine washable yarn. You will need 500 yards of the yarn and will want to ensure that it all comes from the same dye lot so that there are no inconsistencies with the coloring throughout the blanket. The dye lot will be printed on the yarn's sleeve. Check to ensure you can get 500 yards of fabric using the same dye lot and purchase the yarn. If you find a wool blend yarn that you like, ensure that it is machine washable before purchasing, as if not it will greatly shrink and felt.

Step 2 - Cast on Stitches

For this project, you do not need to prepare a gauge sample, as it is not critical to completing this project correctly. Depending on how tightly or loosely you knit the blanket, your finished product will be approximately 30 inches by 30 inches. Using any casting technique, cast on 64 stitches to your knitting needles.

Step 3 - Create Blanket

Use a garter stitch to knit across each row until the height is about the same as the length, which will be about 128 rows depending on how tightly you are knitting.

Step 4 - Cast Off

Once your blanket is a square and size that you want, cast off. Use your large eye needle or crochet hook to weave in all the loose ends and you are finished. If you want to create a blanket that is a different size than this one, you can change the bulk of the yarn that you purchase for the blanket. Select a lower yarn category and smaller needles for a smaller blanket, or a higher yarn category and larger needles than indicated in the materials list to create a larger blanket.

This simple baby blanket knit pattern is easy to make and a perfect project for a beginner. Purchase a nice yarn and begin creating a beautiful blanket for the new baby in your life to treasure. Once you have mastered a small and easy project like this, you will be ready to tackle knits with more intricate designs and multiple colors or yarn throughout.