An Overview of Carpet Tools and Materials

Carpet is a very comfortable and simple covering for your floor and in order to install it effectively, you need the proper carpet tools and materials to do the job. There are various types of tools that you need to utilize in order to efficiently lay down your carpet in your home.

Carpet Cutters

These cutters are used to cut the carpet for you to be able to fit it in the dimensions of your floor. There are many types of cutters. They range from simple one-blade cutters for the ordinary household, to multiple-bladed cutters used by professionals. These carpet tools are essential for the preparation of your carpet.

Fitting Tools

Fitting tools include gear such as carpet stretchers and extending tools. They are used by novices and professionals alike to fit the carpet, such as when an error was made in measuring. They are also used when trying to utilize excess carpet and fitting them in small corners and spaces.

Carpet Attachment

These tools are used to secure the carpet to the flooring. Such tools would include carpet staplers, carpet knee kickers and carpet glue trowels. These carpet tools aid in holding the carpet in place.