Analyzing Quality of a Free Standing Air Conditioner Analyzing Quality of a Free Standing Air Conditioner

If you are considering a portable, free standing air conditioner unit for your home, office or apartment, it’s important to understand what constitutes a quality unit. Effectiveness counts when making this investment because, in most cases, you will be spending well over $200.

What is a Free Standing Air Conditioner?

A free standing air conditioning unit is an air conditioner that is a stand-alone and portable system. This type of air conditioner does not require any kind of installation, unlike the window and wall units that are often seen.

The free standing air conditioner has wheels for portability so you can easily move the unit from room to room when needed. Some brands do require venting that will have to be set up in a window. The venting system is only a small hose or two that need to have access to outdoors.

Quality Check: Portability

One thing to check when analyzing quality is the portability feature. More often than not, if you are choosing a portable unit, it’s because you intend to move it, at least occasionally. Therefore, it’s important to check how easily the unit moves from one place to another. You should be able to roll the air conditioner fairly easily and without risk.

Quality Check: Venting Needs

Be sure to research ahead of time what the venting needs are. If you want to use the air conditioner in an attic space that has no windows, that could be an issue for some units. A quality unit will be clearly labeled and have few requirements.

Quality Check: Maximum Cooling Area

A quality portable air condition unit will cool the area that it claims to cool adequately. If you purchase a unit that claims to cool an area of 150 square feet, that is what is reasonable to expect. If it’s not effective at doing what it claims to do, it is not a quality air conditioner.

Quality Check: Sound Check

A quality free standing air conditioner should not be extremely loud. You should be able to hold a conversation in normal tones when your air conditioner is running. A smooth and quiet motor is good quality.

Quality Check: Additional Features

While additional features certainly are not necessary in a portable air conditioning unit, some features do indicate better quality. For instance, if the unit has a dehumidifier along with the cooling system, it indicates a better quality product. It is going to do a better job of keeping your area cool and dry.

Some other features that you might personally enjoy or view as quality indicators are: differing speeds of air, remote control and heating. Having the ability to change the air flow is particularly nice when you want to use the air conditioner in the bedroom for sleeping and don’t want full force. A remote control is convenient to have no matter where the air conditioner is set up. Being able to use the unit for heating is a bonus.


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