Gardening with Stone Accents and Ornaments Gardening with Stone Accents and Ornaments

You can rock your garden with a wide array of stone accents and ornaments thus providing your setting with props that are both durable and down right appealing to behold. Plastic props - probably not; wood or metal accents - might suffice; but rock and stone ornaments offer a timeless attraction that can't be beat. The following offers considerations in stone for hardy props with elegant looks.

We're not talking pavers and walls here - it almost goes without saying that stone is ideal for these grander garden features. Instead, think edgings, planters, simple table top ornaments and so forth. Edging stone and simple flagstone steps ornament a garden but also provide necessary function. Gardeners and landscapers often edge everything from ponds to flowerbeds. This can be accomplished with rustic river rocks that are simply placed in line to form a border, larger pilings of limestone to provide small walls or terraces, to horizontal stretches of carved stone borders that are made to line walks, lawns, flowerbeds, etc. Edging does more than add a tailoring touch to the garden - it can keep invasive plants from spreading to where you don't want them.

Stone planters are the perfect combination of function meets ornamentation. Stone planters can be highly formal in great illustrious shapes that boast bas relief designs in classical or even floral motifs. These might be placed at a grand entrance or to provide a focal piece for the garden. Stone planters may also be more rustic - rough textured containers that present a more natural appearance. Such vessels are ideal for country or Oriental gardens. Stone planters whether square, circular, rectangular and so on can be added anywhere in the garden to give the setting instant focus. Any plant you place in a stone planter becomes special; it will charmingly demand attention.

Stone pedestals and benches are another way to add functional stone details to your yard. Stone pedestals topped with planters or statuary bring the garden upwards into vertical space. Pedestals may be shaped like Greek or Roman columns for a classical look or designed in plain geometric shapes for more contemporary styled gardens. Benches can be placed anywhere across the landscape for sitting and enjoying the scenery. Such benches may be quaintly rustic or ornate with stone carving. Both such props may even pose as supports for climbing vines that provide additional scenic character to the garden.

If you are looking for visually appealing stone focal points for areas of the landscape consider statues, birdbaths, basins, or fountains. Statuary may be as small as a fist (a stone mouse set on a patio step) or as large as you like - lifelike stone lions or human figures. Statues give a more formal touch to the scene. If you want a more natural look for the landscape, consider a series of large boulders and interestingly-shaped rocked arranged in any pleasing formation. Such a feature may also provide the framework for a rock garden complimented by rock-loving plants.

Water features like birdbaths and fountains always bring a sense of permanence to the setting. Their timeless appeal stretches back to medieval gardens. Simple basins of stone might be the ideal accent for an herb or kitchen garden. Birdbaths may be ornately carved or styled simply. There is such a wide array of fountain styles that you may employ any style as a garden focal point or as a hidden feature tucked into a garden niche.

Other stone props include traditional Japanese stone lanterns. These appear to resemble mini-towers or small pagodas. They, too, come in different designs. When lit, they offer a unique light feature that adds simple peace and serenity to any scene. Smaller table top basins (large bowls) might be filled with a water-loving plant like a water lily or lotus. Small palm-size rocks in handsome shades with smooth textures may also be used as accents for table tops, ledges or within the garden itself.

Working with stone and rock accents truly lends a lovely dimension to the garden. Rock features add both strength and character to a setting while performing a function. Consider these or other stone props for ornamenting your garden and landscape. Also, don't be afraid to have fun with stone - rock features typically reflect a stately and serious appeal, but there are ways to lighten things up. Consider a stone falcon perched at the edge of your roof looking down onto the garden below - or lighthearted statuary like forest animals of fairies made from stone.

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