Anchor a Steel Rod in Concrete Epoxy

What You'll Need
Steel rod
Compressed air and hose
Concrete epoxy
Epoxy gun

Concrete epoxy is a strong bonding agent that hardens to fix cracks in concrete. It can also be used to anchor metal in concrete. Epoxy is so strong it is often used on important household and automotive projects.

Step 1 - Prepare the Concrete

The first step in anchoring a steel rod by using concrete epoxy is to plan out the project. The depth you’ll need to drill depends on the size of the concrete, the size of the steel rod, and the reason the rod needs to be anchored. If there are building plans, they should specify this kind of information. Plan or mark the concrete where you plan to drill.

Step 2 - Drill the Concrete

The drill you use for drilling concrete should be powerful. Research different kinds of drills and find out which types are popular for use in concrete. The drill should also have hammering properties and various speeds to help you make sure the hole is drilled deep enough. While concrete epoxy is very strong, it’s also important to make sure the hole is drilled deep enough. Read the instruction manual that comes with the drill to make sure you know how to use it. Start drilling the hole on a low speed to give you a starting point and to make sure you have the hole in the right spot. Use a higher speed to complete the hole.

Step 3 - Clean the Hole

In order for the concrete epoxy to work as efficiently as possible, you need to clean out the hole you drilled. Use compressed air and a hose to blow the air out of the hole. Put the hose in as deep as possible to make sure all the concrete bits come out.

Step 4 - Apply the Concrete Epoxy

Once the hole is completely clean, it’s time to add the concrete epoxy. Read the directions that come with the epoxy, because every brand and make of epoxy tends to be different. Load the concrete epoxy into an epoxy gun. Put the gun in the hole as far as possible and begin to unload the concrete epoxy. As you being to fill the hole, begin to pull the gun slowly out of the hole, making sure you’re keeping the flow steady. Once the epoxy is level with the surface of the concrete, there is enough concrete epoxy.

Step 5 - Insert Steel Rod

Put the steel rod into the hole. Lift it and put it back down a few times to get rid of any air bubbles in the concrete epoxy. Make sure the steel rod is standing straight up and not leaning to one side. Let the concrete epoxy dry fully before you try to use the steel rod. The setting time will vary depending on the type of epoxy you use.