Anchoring an Arbor on an Uneven Surface

An arbor is an attractive way to add dimension to your landscaping. When you decide where to place the arbor, notice whether the location has an uneven surface.

Lengthen the Arbor Legs

If you are working with an uneven surface, use a level and a ruler to determine how much extra leg length your arbor requires. Then, purchase lumber that matches the dimensions of the original arbor legs as closely as possible. Use flat brackets and screws to attach the leg extensions and then paint or finish the extensions to match your arbor.

Anchor the Arbor

Dig holes where each of the legs will go. The holes should be at least 3 inches deep and slightly wider than the legs of the arbor. Stand the arbor up with the legs in the holes and use a level to make sure the arbor is sitting straight. Mix and pour cement into the holes following the instructions on the cement packaging.

Anchoring your arbor with cement makes it a stable and permanent fixture in your yard or garden. Before you pour, lengthen the legs of the arbor to compensate for an uneven surface.