Anodized Cookware Sets

Usually constructed out of aluminum that is put through a special process, anodized cookware sets are among the many available options for equipping a kitchen. Depending on the brand and the number of components, a cookware set of this caliber can cost several hundred dollars. The process through which the pieces are put results in them being completely corrosion resistant. The metal is subjected to a controlled process of oxidation. Dipped into a chemical bath, an electric current is sent through the liquid, which produces oxide. This rust-like material then hardens, making the cookware rustproof.

Anodized Cookware Qualities

Incredibly durable and great conductors of heat, anodized cookware cooks food quickly and evenly without creating hot spots in the pans. Food is easily removed from the implements, and cleanup is a breeze as well. Anodized cookware should be hand washed with warm water, soap and a gentle rag. Stainless steel handles are commonly included that stay cool even when the cookware is piping hot.

Set Components

Including lids, anodized cookware often comes in 5-, 8- and 10-piece sets or more. Depending on the versatility desired, a cookware set covers all cooking ends. A set usually includes a skillet, saucepan and stockpot. Saute pans, special pasta or frying inserts and additional pans in different sizes and capacities may be included as well.