Antique Desk Lamp Care Guide Antique Desk Lamp Care Guide

An antique desk lamp can add character and charm to your desk. A nice lighting choice can set the mood in a room, and the timelessness of an antique desk lamp can give your office or room an old-fashioned feeling. Knowing how to take care of your antique desk lamp can ensure its continued functionality and ensure that it will look great and keep working for years to come.

Cleaning Antique Desk Lamps

You will want to keep your antique desk lamp free of any dust or grime build-up by regularly cleaning it. Use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust on a regular basis as dust accumulates. For dirt or smudges that appear, you can use the following procedures. There are many styles of antique desk lamps. Here are some tips for cleaning different types of lamps:

  • Glass Shade Cleaning: If your lamp has a glass shade, apply a mild glass cleaner to a soft cloth to wipe it down when finger prints or smudges appear. Be sure not to spray glass on the lamp directly, as this could cause the cleaning fluid to leak between the glass panels.
  • Brass Lamp Cleaning: There are many ways to clean a brass lamp, including a variety of homemade options like cutting a lemon, dipping it in salt and using the lemon as a “scrubber.” Another similar technique that utilizes the same acid combination is to use vinegar and salt to scrub the lamp.
  • Alabaster Lamp Cleaning: Be sure to dust frequently with a soft untreated cloth. Any commercial product that is used to clean marble will work well on alabaster, but be sure not to use an oil polish or soft wax, as it will discolor the alabaster. Borax can also be used – dip a moistened cloth into a small amount of Borax and rub it in. Rinse with warm water and dry buff it with a soft cloth.
  • Bronze Lamp Cleaning: To clean a bronze lamp, you can use a commercial metal polish and apply it to the base of the lamp. Rub it in with your fingers while wearing nitrile gloves for protection. Let the polish sit for 3 to 4 minutes and polish with your gloved fingertips. Use a detail brush to scrub in tighter areas. Wipe the polish off while still wet and buff with a micro fiber cloth.


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