Anti-Siphon Valve Maintenance Tips

two hands adjusting valves under a sink using tools

An anti-siphon valve is an important part of a water pump and water systems. It safeguards against any water getting back into the pump or leaking out of a water system.

Valve Pressure

The anti-siphon valve works on pressure. When the pressure from the pump pushes the water or liquid through the valve, it opens. However, when the pressure stops it closes and forms a water tight seal. This keeps liquid from rushing back into the pump or leaking out of the pipes.

Check Pressure

Check the instructions for your anti-siphon valve for the correct settings and adjust accordingly. Most valves are set to five to 100 pounds per square inch. This is a wide range, so it will help you to know the right setting.

Check for Leaks

Depending on where the valve is, you might have to dig to see it. Run the water to fill the pipes and then shut it off. Watch and listen to see if any water leaks past the valve. If it does you will hear it going into the water tank or see it seeping into the ground. If this happens, tighten the bolt. If it still continues to leak, you will need to replace or repair the valve.