Anti-Theft Options for a Car Stereo Speaker

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If you are worried about your car stereo speakers being stolen, you are sure to be interested in the range of anti-theft devices which will help to prevent anyone from taking your speakers away from your car. Anti-theft devices for car stereo speakers are encouraged by insurers, so this is also a good way of reducing the amount that you have to pay on your car insurance.

Car stereo speakers are an important part of your car's image, and if you have a valuable set of speakers, then your use of an anti-theft device may be all that is between your speakers and the thief. There are other ways in which you can protect other items from thieves by hiding them in your car stereo speakers, such as speaker lockboxes.

1. Remove the Speakers

handling a car speaker

The ability to remove your car stereo speakers depends upon how they are attached to the car. If you intend to transport your speakers in order to prevent theft, then you will need to have some method of transporting them. Considering the effort involved in removing and then re-assembling your car stereo speakers, you should consider some of the alternatives.

2. Car Alarms

For basic protection of your car and all the contents, consider a car alarm. These will ensure anyone breaking into your car can be discovered and stopped before they can take items such as the car stereo speakers. A smaller alarm fitted to the speakers, rather like a phone alarm, will also stop the device from being taken.

3. Anti-theft Code

One of the other things you can use to defend your speakers combines with the stereo. The anti-theft code can be imprinted into the stereo, and this will prevent the device from working if it is moved from one car to another. Speakers fitted with these kinds of preventative devices will be able to ensure you have a system which is not attractive to thieves.

4. Speakers as Anti-Theft Options

speaker box

One of the newest fashions in automobile technology is the speaker lockbox. These devices are designed to fit inside the speakers of your car, and secure items such as the stereo, wallets, house keys, or other valuables which you might wish to leave in the car while it is parked. The speaker lockbox is used with a specialized pair of speakers that have their insides divided, 50 percent speaker, 50 percent lockbox. From the outside, they resemble the usual speaker systems you might find with a car, but inside they are a secure anti-theft device.

Speaker lockboxes can be installed so they don't affect the quality of the sound coming from your speakers, and you can also have your car stereo speakers modified so the lockbox fits neatly inside them. As a security device, it is perhaps not as safe as taking items with you, but it is a good tool for those who wish to keep their valuables out of reach of opportunistic thieves.