Anvil Deep Fryer

The Anvil deep fryer line consists of durably-made, countertop electric models that run on either 110 or 220-volt power. Available in several different capacities and in single and twin-basket models, Anvil countertop fryers make the perfect addition in smaller delis, cafes, kiosks and fast food restaurants where the volume is high, but not high enough to necessitate a full-size floor fryer. Anvil fryers cost up to roughly $780 for the largest-capacity unit. 


Anvil produces 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-pound capacity models, all of which are designed for countertop use. Space saving, Anvil fryers can fit even where room is tight. Since they are electric, they don't require an exhaust vent, making installation that much easier. The smaller models come with a removable stainless steel oil tank and offer either dual or a larger, single fry basket. The big 30-pound units feature dual fully-welded tanks with a drainage valve and cold zone area. 


Equipped with an auto cutout switch, Anvil deep fryers shut off if the temperature exceeds 410 degrees, a safety feature designed to prevent oil fires. The tin-plated steel mesh baskets are ergonomically designed and feature coated handles for easy gripping and to prevent burning. Anvil fryers come with night covers to keep the oil clean. In addition to fresh foods, Anvil fryers are suitable for frozen food immersion.