Apartments: Typical Unit Sizes in Los Angeles

It is generally agreed that the size of American homes and apartments was slolwy increasing until the end of 2008, which saw a sudden reduction in the square footage of new buildings. The National Association of Home Builders confirms this, stating that 90 percent of the members are building smaller homes and apartments. As early as 2007, city planners in LA were considering allowing builders to create 250 square-foot apartments.

Apartment sizes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of variations. For example, downtown LA has a housing boom, and is the suggested location for the 250 square foot apartments. There are already a number of 500 and 600 square foot apartments in this area, while homes in Hollywood Hills can be 4,405 square foot. Apartments in the Northeast section of the city vary between 800 and 1000 square foot, while space in the North area around Chatsworth is large, but generally limited to mansion-size houses of 10,000 square foot or more.

Square Footage and Cost in Los Angeles

Apartments in Los Angeles are typically very expensive for the square footage, and this naturally affects the size of apartments available in working districts such as downtown LA: expect much smaller apartments here, in high-rise buildings. In more suburban areas, such as the Northeast, apartments are larger, but they may still be not much more than 1,000 square foot.