Appliance Refinishing Appliance Refinishing

  Refinishing a major appliance can make an older unit look more like a newer model. As the years go by manufacturers catch new style and color trends. Coppertone, Harvest Gold and Avacado are all passe, almond is now bisque or antique or who knows what in another year. Stainless Steel is hot, but new finishes in silver metallic are gaining. Refinishing an appliance is the process of turning an older, sometimes antique, stove or refrigerator into a newer looking model. Often you can save time and money, compared to replacing the unit.

Many older appliances have ceramic and enameled parts which may have chipped, warped or rusted. Cleaning and repair and using emery cloth and a paint sprayer can turn an older appliance into one that looks almost  as good as a new one. Professionals can refinish an appliance to match others you have added or have them all refinished to a matching color scheme.

Porcelain Refinishing

Porcelain enamel, creates a coating that is heat, scratch and stain resistant. It is more like ceramic than a paint finish. Appliances that normally have a porcelain enamel finish are range tops, oven doors, burners, grates, and washer tops and lids. Porcelain refinishing can safely and conveniently change the color of your appliances without the high cost of replacement.

Polyurethane Refinishing

This system is typically used on surfaces that already have of a painted finish or on metal fabrications that have never been painted. Polyurethane  is highly resistant to rusting, scratching, peeling, and even heat.

TIP: If you are thinking of refinishing an appliance, see if it has reversible panels first. Many dishwashers are on color on the door, but the unit originally came with 2 or 4 choices. Unscrew the trim and look at the back of the panel. You could be pleasantly surprised.

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