Applications for Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles Applications for Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber floor tiles can be used for many different reasons and applications. There are various colors, sizes and types available on the market. You can pick an interlocking floor tile that is square, or you can select something that is fun to use and place. You can find puzzle pieces for a game room or a childrens' play room. The options are limitless. Use your imagination to pick interlocking tiles that will work with your interior or exterior room. Below are several applications to consider.

Gym Mats

Interlocking rubber floor tiles are perfect to use in a gym for a little extra cushioning. Many of the tiles have a non-slip or a slip resistant backing. When you add these tiles to the top of the floor surface, you create an extra layer of sponge that will not move. You can have an area that is as big or as small as you want with these types of tiles. These are great to use for floor exercises, yoga, or pilates-type exercises. You can do crunches with comfort. They wipe up easily and can be disinfected with a light disinfectant spray.

For Kids in Kids' Playroom

If you would like to keep your children off the hardwood floor or if you would like to keep the children off the carpet, then consider adding several interlocking rubber floor tiles. You can find the tiles in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Have your children help you put together the rubber floor tiles. It can be a fun family project. Make the floor as large or as small as you want. Incorporate the colors and design of the floor tiles into the decor of the room.

In a Basement

Create a semi-finished basement by adding a layer of floor tiles. They are easy to install and you do not need to have any special skills to install the rubber floor tile. They can be used to keep down the dust and dirt that kicks up in an unfinished basement.

On the Garage Floor

Use the rubber floor tiles on your garage floor. Many of the interlocking tiles can be installed quickly and easily on your garage floor. The anti-slip surface makes it great to use around a work area in a garage. Pick a type of tile that will resist the oil spills and add the tiles in the location where you will keep your cars. You can use something simple and standard like a black rubber floor tile, or you can pick something that has color and design. Make your garage an extension of the inside of your home.

In the Pool House

Keep your feet clean and cushy after a nice outdoor swim. Use these tiles in your pool house. The pool house will stay clean and dry, and will feel comfy with these rubber floor tiles.

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