Apply These Mowing Maintenance Tips Apply These Mowing Maintenance Tips

Did you know that mowing maintenance does more than just making your yard look good? It actually keeps your grass strong and healthy. Mowing a yard on regular basis helps your grass stay healthy and beautiful by reducing leaf diseases and promoting strong root growth. Here are some dos and don’ts so you can mow like a pro.


First let’s talk about the equipment you will be using. Before purchasing a lawn mower, contact a professional for some good advice on which size you need depending on your yard size and the terrain. Once the size is confirmed, look for good quality mowers for durability and performance. Whichever mower you own, make sure to keep your blade sharp since a dull blade can bruise the tips of the grass, causing greater water loss from the grass and dry spots in your yard.

Sharpening the Blade

From time to time it is necessary to sharpen you mower blades. Use an electric sharpener and a balancer to sharpen them or just have it sharpened by a professional. After prolonged wear and tear, it may sometimes be easier to replace the blades rather than trying to sharpen them. To do so, follow the mower manufacturer instructions, and you should not have any difficulties in changing them.

Best Mowing Time

After having your mower all ready and functioning as it should be, it is time to get to work. Generally, it is best to mow in the cool of the morning or the evening to avoid creating any additional heat stress on the yard and yourself, of course. Make sure that the grass is wet or you will risk clumped grass trimmings all over the lawn. In addition, avoid mowing the lawn in the summer heat since you will end up damaging the grass instead of strengthening it.

Grass Height

When mowing, adjust your mower depth so that you will cut only the top third of the leaf and cut regularly to maintain the ideal height of your grass type. The height depends on the grass variety, and you can check the recommended height for your grass type on the packaging.

Create a Pattern

When cutting, keep your mower’s wheels about two inches inside your last cut line. This will ensure that you do not miss any spots while cutting. You might also find it helpful to change the mowing pattern every few weeks to improve the uniform grass growth.

Mulching vs. Bagging Mower

What about all those grass clippings that are cut off? Consider getting a mulching mower or adding a mulching blade to your existing mower. This way the top of the leaves will be cut in tiny little pieces that fall back into the lawn, adding organic material to the soil. If you are using a bagging mower, make sure to empty the bag frequently, otherwise clumps of grass can fall back on the freshly mowed lawn.

Moreover, composting your grass clippings is a great way to create rich soil for your flower beds or your garden. If it’s done the right way, mowing your yard will create a green welcoming space that can be enjoyed throughout all the seasons.

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