Applying A Level Wallpaper Border Applying A Level Wallpaper Border

Hanging a wallpaper border should not be difficult, but sometimes the concept of applying one that is level seems next to impossible. Here is a guide to hanging a border of wallpaper in a level fashion.


In order to get the most out of this project, you need a yardstick or a measuring tape, a wallpaper border of your choosing, a damp sponge and a level.


First, decide where you are going to place the wallpaper border and make sure that you are satisfied with this placement arrangement. Use your yard stick or measuring tape to determine the measurement between the top or bottom of the border and the floor or ceiling depending on placement. Use a pencil to mark the points where the wallpaper border will be placed.

Walk around the entire perimeter of the room, measuring and marking where the border is going to go. Once the marks have been made on the wall using pencil, use your level to make sure that the measurements are accurate. Apply the wallpaper border ensuring that the edges of the border line up with the accurate pencil marks. If at any point the marks do not line up, the border may not be level.

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